[ILB10] Info – Daily Theme Challenge

UBCLE 從今日開始舉辦連續攝影活動:「I LOVE BLOG – the month-long blogging contest 」。活動宗旨挺有趣的,從三個類別中擇一參加,並持續於個人BLOG上更新28日攝影作品,即可完賽。

無巧不成書,日前剛看完 Matt Cutts 的演講「用30天嘗試新事物」,很想挑戰自己的勤奮程度。因此,在一番長考後,參加了「一天一主題,夜夜攝影冒險挑戰 / Daily Theme Challenge」這個類別。

希望能順利於二月底達成每日更新的目標! :)

There is an interesting event hosted by UBCLE starting from today. It’s named “I Love Blog – the month-long blogging contest“. I chose one of three topic categories “Daily Theme Challenge“, and I have to post writing / illustrations everyday from February 1st to 28th.

Not long ago, I watched Matt Cutts‘ speech “Try Something New for 30 Days" on TED. It was exciting and meaningful, and it also inspired me  to join this event.

Hopefully I can keep posting until the end of February!




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